Programs for High School Students

in the

School of Physics and Astronomy


Tel Aviv University

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We are happy to announce the continuation of our programs for high school students. Our activities are meant for students who are already studying 5 units of physics.

We invite 11th and 12th grade classes to participate in Visiting Days on the campus of the University. Activities will include a lecture (accompanied by demonstrations) on a current topic of research and tours of the research and teaching laboratories.

This year's schedule of Visiting Days is as follows:

Date Day Time Lecturer Topic
17.11.99 Wednesday 10:15-12:30 Dr. Erez Etzion A Peek into the Structure of Matter
15.12.99 Wednesday 10:15-12:30 Prof. Dan Maoz Latest Results from the Hubble Space Telescope
19.1.00 Wednesday 10:15-12:30 Prof. Hagai Netzer The Search for Life in the Universe
24.2.00 Thursday 10:15-12:30 Prof. Amnon Aharoni Fractals in Nature

All lectures will take place in the Lev Auditorium, located in the Faculty of Exact Sciences complex.

Teachers who wish to bring their classes to a Visiting Day are asked to call Ms. Ninette Corcos at (03) 640 8209 or to send her a registration form. She may also be reached via e-mail at Further information may be obtained from Ms. Corcos or from Prof. Dan Maoz, Coordinator of High School Programs, at (03) 640 8538 or via e-mail at